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Risk Management

Farmer Risks
All farmers have been verified and selected through the assistance of the local government unit. Farmers are required to submit an application form to farmerly. Only those who will pass the process will be allowed to join the program.

Weather Risks
Farmers are provided with access to crop insurance. The crop insurance under Green Delta Insurance has already been integrated in the amount of capital raised to these farmers.

Pests Risks
Pests, fungi or viruses are always monitored through our own agricultural experts and government local agricultural offices. We take all kinds of action rapidly to prevent crop damage. 

Market Risks
For agro crops, prices are volatile and may drop and spike at different times, depending on the supply and demand in the market. This is managed by recommending diversification of crops for each farmer, and by clustering different farmers together to further distribute the risks. On the other hand, we contact and ensure our buyers before harvesting the crops.