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Farmerly is designed to bridge the gap between small-scale farmers and available agro sponsors. It's an impact agro-tech startup that has developed an online platform that enables anyone on the earth to easily sponsor crop farming and livestock projects for increasing food production while promoting youth participation in agribusiness. These investment helps empower our farmers strengthening, global food and nutrition security, impacting farmers lives but at the same time growing the sponsor's income.

It is a network of collaboration among farmers, investors, off-takers, and insurance. By providing a database of pre-qualified small-scale farmers or agro worker who needs financial and other support, the model allows globally with interest to invest in agriculture to do so at the touch of a button. Potential investors signup for the Farmerly website or download the mobile app to study push notifications once a farm is open for sponsorship. The investor invests in crop cycles with investments starting from around USD 50 to more. A crop cycle can be anything from 4 to 12 months for different agro products.


To create the world’s largest agricultural ecosystem for ensuring sustainable development and zero hunger.


  • Increasing the production of healthy agro crops with farmers and own projects.
  • Scale-up smallholder farmer's businesses to ensure overcome the poverty line.
  • Involve more people from the different sectors with agro crops production to achieve sustainable agriculture.


  • Commitment: We are committed to our stakeholders for better service & Quality.
  • Adaptability: We promote innovative change as individuals and as an institution.
  • Integrity: We expect professional & Personal Integrity
  • Respect: We respect all nations, cultures, languages and humans by treating honor.

Tag Line:

Everybody will Farm Owner.